About Anchor Designs

Looking back to February 2020, it was truly a blessing that I was given the opportunity to walk away from my corporate career and pursue my creative passions.

As a seasoned military spouse, I knew my priority was “Holding Down the Fort” while my husband went out to sea. The global pandemic presented many unknowns to the world, having two young children and living away from family made things difficult to say the least. I began to edit some photography that I had taken around our island as we were now stationed in Pearl Harbor, Oahu. The history and beauty of this place is impossible to overlook or take for granted. I decided to share my love for island designs with the world. It all started with my original photography but quickly moved to scarves, pillows and other local items while continuing to support the local community.

The name Anchor Designs just fell into place, after all when you Anchor a bookshelf to the wall, you affix it to the wall so it doesn't come down. The Anchor of a relay race is the last person to run. It's their job to hold the team's lead. At that moment in time, with my husband out to sea and a global pandemic happening, I knew without a doubt that I had to be an Anchor.